La Tristesse

The topic of 'La Tristesse' radiates loneliness. Loneliness, consciously not sought in nature, but in the environments built for people, in the artificiality of our cities.

Loneliness: During the day it can only be felt because the picture in front of it is a different one. As soon as it dawns, it becomes visible.

Loneliness arises from a lack of awareness and begins within everyone. Those who have no awareness of themselves lack it for others. What remains is a dreary, monotonous, depressing coexistence. Aust shows the loneliness of people during the day when they rush hectically and tensely through the cities. He sees false activity, hears hypocritical words between lonely people. He shows the loneliness of abandoned places.

Audience Award 'Coming Home'

"...The light, the atmosphere, the minimalist image - amazing..." The almost deserted train station won one of the two International Art Prizes for the exhibition 'Time' of the QQtec Art Gallery.

Superbly lit and well-balanced

"...My personal pleasure in viewing this work comes in the main from the attractive powerful sense of design which permeates the imagery. Considerable time and effort have gone into capturing such a complex range of imagery into such an absolutely perfectly balanced essay of line, shape and solid mass with the hint of possible movement? - provided by a couple walking the platform in the scene. The work is superbly lit and contains well-balanced components – surely a moment of De Stijl, echoing the works of Mondrian, Van Doesburg, and of course the Bauhaus movement..."

Andy Dewar
Curator, Selector's Comment (June 2020) Aberdeen Artists Society

Project Infos

  • 'Coming Home' 60x130 cm one of a kind

  • 'Eating Out' 60x130 cm one of a kind

  • Others 35x81 cm edition of 10

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