The water surface reflects what is below and vice versa. The similarity between the form of water and sand inspired me to watch them more closely.

'Sandlantic' is a unique momentum. Shortly before it is passing Aust freezes the movement, although actually not possible. The fascination lies in the flow, the way to the movement and the period immediately afterwards.

At first glance, the motives seem pretty and natural. On closer inspection one is able to sense that the apparent patterns demonstrate assimilation to the direct ‘here and now’.

One may imagine a barrier or a limit and how this obstacle is gently bathed or sometimes can even be washed out silently. What a moment when you realize how much more creativity there is and how much shaping potential exists.

Panta rei - everything flows

"...Aust knows about the impossibility of grasping and understanding these so infinitely varying phenomena. But with an unflinching gaze and great patience, he searches for a way to make this multiplicity visible and comprehensible. These photos were taken away from the roaring waters, away from dramatic events.

Nevertheless, an indomitable power can be felt in them. Infinite power of shaping, of becoming and passing away is at work here..."

Dr Mariele Koschmieder
Chair BBK Art Association, introduction of the exhibition Parallel in Bielefeld

Project Infos

  • 40x60cm or 60x40cm
    depending on the motif

  • Edition of 6

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